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Survival Preparations – Your Ultimate Survival List

Survival Preparations

Have you ever imagined living in Amazon forest? It must be great when you can try doing adventure. For those who love adventure may need to explore more forests and mountains. We all know that adventure has been the most challenging hobbies that not all people can do that and only those people that love nature that can beat the challenge. It is not an easy job as there have been many things to prepare about your mentality and your power.

You need to prepare power so you have to work out more before you go, you can run, do more gyms to ensure that you have high immune and power to walk and explore the forest. You have to prepare your health so you need to keep the diet menu that can maintain your health better.

It is important to maintain the health in good before the journey because it can influence your power. That is why many people eat healthy foods before they depart and make a new journey. Preparing mentality is also important. Make sure that you know why you need to go to adventure and why you have to beat the challenge.

To make it successful survival, you need to prepare things and these are things you need to know in survival preparation to ensure that you take the safety procedures to avoid bad things happen. Here are things you need to know for survival preparations to meet success and fun journey in adventure.

  • Bring all stuff you will need and bring simple extra

For example, you have to bring sleep bag, safety tools, drinks, food stock and health aid. Those things are very essential in preparing things before the journey. The common extra you need to bring when you are going to hike is that you need to bring extra health aid and extra water as it will be very important. Water is common thing that everyone should bring the extra as hiking and doing adventure is not that easy as you see in television. It needs more power. Common thing to bring may be camera, you have to bring camera for the memories you need to make for yourself and your friends. Those are stuff you need to bring and the extra that you may need to consider it.

  • During the adventure, be calm always

No matter problems you are going to face, don’t ever use emotion because it can harm your motivation and your mentality when you are taking journey. No matter problems that can happen in your trip, be calm. Don’t ever blame others and just think about how to face. There are many possibilities you may see in the middle of your trip like you may get hurts when you walk too much, you may face wild animals when you are doing adventurous journey. Don’t ever let your emotions control you and think positively when you are in team. Just be calm and don’t ever get angry when your friend may do mistake. Blaming others can destroy your motivation.

  • Always wear bright or shiny clothes

Don’t ever put off the official uniform of your hiking or clothes that your friends may have agreed to wear. The most common thing to prepare is an agreement about clothes. The reason behind the obligation of wearing signature clothes is to give ease for rescue team when there are bad things happen, the team can find you because you wear signature clothes. It is the common reason why many hiker or people that love adventure wear bright or shiny colors of clothes to ensure that they are seen and easily seen so people can be sure that you are safe with people with same journey.

  • Make signal when danger happens

When you are facing bad things, you have to make signal that you are in worst trouble so people can find you and then rescue you. Don’t forget to always wear on the signature clothes to give ease in giving help. You can try to make fireplace so people can see that you are in the forest, you also can try to find the signal to send message to lowest camp that you need help. That is why it is important also to have such a great preparation for both communication and more.

  • Believe that you can do

When you are doing adventure, you have to be confident about yourself and don’t ever think to give up when you are walking. Some people give up in the middle because the journey is too tough and it is hard to nail It but it is just adventure that not everyone can do survival things. That is why you need to motivate yourself when you are going to take the adventure and always believe that you can pass all of the steps to reach successful journey.

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