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How To Plan For Your Trek Into Nature

Survival Plan

What do you do when you are going to spend your spare time? Do you spend for good? If you want to try a new thing, you need to try adventure. You can go hiking, camping or else. Having such a great adventure can make you feel proud and happy to yourself and you may not want to avoid when there is a chance for you to try new adventure. Besides, it gives benefit but it also enhances your life quality to be more grateful as you will see beautiful sceneries and new life seen by nature.

Adventure is good for those who like challenge but it is not as easy as you think because there are many things to prepare and mental power to prepare when you are going to adventure. You need to train yourself, you need to motivate sometimes to gain confidence that you can do hiking with perfect preparation. You need to think about bad weather, animals, poisonous plants and even you may be lost in the forest. Those things are important to see as you need to ensure that you are safe. What are things to prepare and what to do before going to try adventure and new wild journey?

Inform your family and friends about your plan

First thing first, you need to inform where you go. If you have decide that you are going to there, you need to inform your friends, families that you are going to mountain or certain forest to explore for hobbies. Your friends and families need to know the details of place you are going to explore so they can prepare for goods for your journey. They can support you. The reason why you have to tell your family is that it is to avoid something bad happens and there is no one knows that you are in trouble. When you are not on time going home and your family recognize it, they can do something urgent to ensure that you are fine in your exploration and adventure so when it’s bad, there will be soon help and better help.

Be friend with nature

Second, don’t ever fight with nature power as you need to ensure that you are friendly too with it. Always see that human is nothing and weaker than nature. When you have prepared many things to adventure, you may have done many training too, you have to ensure that the nature agrees your plan to like it gives sign good weather and good condition to go. Don’t force yourself to keep going when nature has told you that it’s not the time to go. There is bad weather and gives small possibility for you to go.

Bring safety tools

Bring safety stuff Make sure that you bring always the safety stuff like survival knife, compass, and map so you can prepare yourself to face anything happens. You also need to ensure yourself that you know how to use all of safety stuff so it will give you ease in doing things. Another thing to prepare can be health aid, water and foods that you must need when you are hungry in the middle of your journey.

Beware on wild animal

The last thing to do when you are in adventure, you have to beware on wildlife as you must be going to meet wild animal and you have to be calm and just ensure yourself that you are not going to disturb. So, you may need some trainings to how to face wildlife and how to face things related to wildlife like wild animals that may give you danger.

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