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Useful Survival Skills You Need To Learn

Useful Survival Skills

Are you going to hike and trying new journey and adventure? The trend of social media has made hiking and adventure of nature become famous and everyone is curious about it. Many people follow the trend but some of them also have urge and passion to try new journey in nature. You may not see that it is hard to do but it is something hard to do as not everyone can have great talent in hiking and dogs survival journey.

We all know that wild life is dangerous and it is always with mysterious, challenge and more. You cannot think that hiking or other survival hobbies are piece of cake. It is not easy as you think and it can be dangerous if you don’t understand how to survive and what skill you need to master before you go to the mountain or forest. Survival skill is something essential you need to master when you are going to hike or camp. If you love wildlife, survival skills are things you must have.

You are not allowed to think that basic survival skill is easy and it is easy to go home. Wildlife is not a structured and well-planned place as you have seen in city or village but it has many complicated things to do. You have to prepare it well and you cannot miss things you have to bring when you are in your journey. What are useful survival skills you need to learn? Here are the list and things to learn to master the skill.

Make fire

Fire is essential thing in this world and nature. Every human needs it and when you are in your way in adventure, you have to be able to make fire as it is one of the most important skills you need to master. You cannot go without fire; you have to be able to make it for warming your body, heating water and make some foods when you are in camp. The existence of fire is essential and sometimes it can avoid you and your team from wild animals.

It also can give signal to rescue team when there is something urgent. The first thing to prepare may be battery. You can make fire from it. You can do it by combining aluminum foil to make fire. You can make from short connection and then make it near to the aluminum foil, steel wool or even cigarette package to give ease making fire. The second try can be from sunshine. You can use minus lens to make the shine focus on one point and make it focus to things that are easy to be burnt. It will be fire you need for warming your body. The last try can be like what ancient human does, you can make from stone and it may be the hardest one.

Recognizing edible plants

Nature has served us many things to eat; you can pick it everywhere before some modern people invaded the nature with building. Another useful survival skill you need to master is recognizing edible plants. Foods are important for your body and you cannot skip it whenever you go. To survive in the forest or mountain, you have to master skill in recognizing edible plants because you may not bring food stock that can give you more weights. When you have no idea what to eat, you can eat surrounding like plants, mushrooms or others. You must be careful too in recognizing mushroom because not all mushrooms are edible and not all of plants in forest are edible too. Sometimes they might be poisonous and kill you. If you ever see Christopher Mc.Candles, you may think twice to eat plants that you don’t know because he was predicted died due to eating poisonous plant in Alaska.

Finding water source

Water is important and you may not be able to bring huge bottle of water because it can add more weight. There are two major kind of water that you can find. The water that you can drink directly and water that you need to cook before drinking it are both hard to find. You can get water from rain and then cook it or when you have no idea, you can tie plastic to the top of leafy plant and let the plant near the water. It may be long but it’s worth to wait.

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